Lush Puppy ‘Kill For Fun’ : Spiting spirit for broken jaws and ribs of emotions. It’s sex y’all.

Lush Puppy

Vocals and the synthesis of razor blade notes, culminate in a cauldron of sights and sounds when Lush Puppy gets a hold of it. And with ‘Kill For Fun’, they hold it in both hands, squeezing every drop of enthusiasm and metallic grizzle for life.

“I‘m a cool rich rapper, got my pussies on the side, wear’n my Gucci Gang Prada, see me rollin in my ride, I don’t know what I stand for, I’m always on the run, gettin’ high on power and I kill for fun.”

Rough. Raw. Don’t mess with the gritty emphasis of the now, spiting spirit for broken jaws and ribs of emotions.

After their first 4 singles and debut EP in 2019, Lush Puppy is back in 2020 with even more guns blazing on new single ‘Kill For Fun’.


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