Lutzie ‘Use You’ : Intrenched with mired emotional pangs.


“Use You is inspired by relationships stupidly handled. It’s fed-up and fun and it has a groove that sways and kind of builds momentum so by the end you’re yelling along in your car,” said Lutzie. “I called the EP ‘To Disappear’ because the three songs get their mood from frustration and limitation and the feeling of wanting to escape or turn away. Looking back, it’s probably related to being a teenager growing up on an island.”

The tones of relaxed proportions in ‘Use You’ is another glimpse of how Lutzie wants to take her music. It’s conventional pop, but always retains this viscous grit and attitude that is alt and attitude. And as Lutzie’s vocals continue to fascinate, the maturity of lyrical works, intrenched with mired emotional pangs, deliver a satisfaction that is oh so becoming.

Understated and underrated, the singer/songwriter has so much to offer.

Let’s see where this teen will take us next.


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