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LUXisREAL Shares ‘Withdrawals’. “Expanding experiences. Folding time and space.”

Forget about the ‘feeling of the chase when going through withdrawals’. We realize that it’s hard. It’s in fact, more than hard. Addiction and coming off of it, is serious and personal business.

But Zachary Gould, the artist and man behind his project, LUXisREAL, wants you to dance too.

LUXisREAL is the reflection of a part of a side of where Zachary comes from. In that formation of the clouds and dusts, forming the Universe of you, the multi-instrumentalist and composer, utilizes electronica to makes it vibrant and ‘real’ in ‘Withdrawals’.

Zachary wants to make: “listeners think and feel deeply while remaining danceable, making for a very fun.”

After Zachary released a collaborative LP titled Soon on all streaming services with singer-songwriter Nicholas Massenberg, going by the name of ‘The Mass of Gold’, Gould decided to branch off and do more solo work. After releasing many singles on Soundcloud under the name ‘dogthief,’ he was able to build a small following of his work. Now Gould is at NYU studying music technology, and having changed the name of the project to ‘LUXisREAL’, he is gearing up to release his first EP, titled Mauve Blanket, a fully instrumental, psychedelic.


Look out for Zachary and his talented modes of musical flight.

Oh and by the way, THE MASS OF GOLD’s LP is very cool, too.



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