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Lux’s Dream – Little Bean

“There’s a little lullaby, bouncing off the walls, of that cavern – seek it out, chanting, absorbing.” Lux’s Dream’s Little Bean is a sound out loud, poetry session – guided by fascinating choices of notes and effects. It’s a reverberating cause – an infectious exercise.

Experimental in its nature, ‘Little Bean’, from the outset seems ‘unfinished’, but not in the sense you’re thinking of.

It’s a chant to the other. “Recognize me, hear me, see me.” – a beckoning and begging, before the ultimatum grows into existence.

Oh, the song is definitely complete – the conversation is complete – the discussion has been had from start to finish.

It’s a call to arms, herself, against the spears of disappointments.

What we expected was that the song starts that demand, from the lover, then would just hang and end with a ‘why did you do this to me?’ kind of question.

But it does not.

It ends triumphantly, with an ‘exclamation’ to herself, to the subject – becoming stronger and stronger, 1-10, ramping up to the end of the song.

Yea. It’s definitely ‘finished’.

The battle has been won.

Lux’s Dream is Sacha Navarro-Mendez, living, working, and producing her works from Lyon, France.

Her works are very emotive and solace.

It’s something to look forward to, at the right mood.

We dig.

She’s rep’ed by Archipel.



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