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Lyrah Shares ‘Don’t Make Me’ [GOLDHOUSE Remix].

“Have been dancing to this one for the past few weeks. Hope u get down with your bad self.” – LYRAH, 2019 FTW.

Chicago producer GOLDHOUSE has remixed LYRAH’s single ‘Don’t Make Me’. And if you want to dance, you must. For nature deems it to be fact, that your life – at this precise moment – deserves such pleasures.

LYRAH is a San Francisco based artist, and is keen on expressing her work through ominous tones of gray and middle-gray, but somehow in her lyrical formulations, comes beaming with an attitude of light and optimism.

Her latest ‘Chemicals’ EP isa 4 track alt-pop flare, where she transgresses moments with memories, within intrinsic emotional testimonies.

GOLDHOUSE’s remix just takes the single ‘Don’t Make Me’ into new territories.

And it’s a glorious highlighting exercise.



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