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LYSO Shares ‘Equilibrium’. The Veteran Rocker Continues To Excite, As He Starts 2019, Right.

With an indelible flavor of effervescence LYSO’s single ‘Equilibrium’ is an 80’s pop-rock tinged single that encourages the best in all of us. The single, charged with the energies of love manifested relationships, drive home in fabulous excitement and musical call to arms.

LYSO is the project of Alessandro Ranzani. And the UK based rocker grew up with a healthy diet of Brit-rock and through his adult life those bands has had a big impact in his music.

‘Equilibrium’ is the follow-up to his debut solo EP ‘Corduroy’ and the anthemic sounds reverberating from the single, is the best of the traditions reminiscent of past artists like Steve Winwood and peers. The whimsical notes progressions, framed by the positive outlook, soars and enlightens our every cell.

The Italian-British rocker, sings his soul out in this single. The veteran of more than 20 years of touring with bands like Pragma, Rezophonic, Motorhead, Porcupine Tree, New Model Army and Lacuna Coil, sees the down to earth style of the artist bloom and continue to flourish in this latest of his offerings.

It’s a refreshing take on an ever lasting sentiment.



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