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M.A.D. Shares ‘Everything’. “He’d Crushed The Mound Of Ants By Mistake.”

We express in different ways. We are childish, when we want something. We become quiet, when that person you have a crush on sits next to you. We have a fit and tantrums when the world isn’t turning the way we want.

The melted chocolate on that cement sidewalk attracted so many ants that day. The hot summer’s weather beat down on the man made street, taking the index into the stratosphere. But the ants went on doing their business. The business of taking care of its colony was a daunting task for sure.

And Wayne, watching down from above, like a god, squinted and smiled at the actions of these weird little creatures.

Then like everyday of his life, he thought of Anna. Memory of her face flashed into glare in his mind, as he put his chin down on his right knee. He smiled because of her face, her smile, her beauty.

“Dinner Wayne! Get in here!” shouted his Dad.

Startled, he suddenly got up, but had forgotten he was next to the, now, mound of ants on top of that melted candy.

“Ok Dad!” he answered, then he heard a ‘squish’ underneath his right foot. He’d crushed the mound of ants by mistake.

“Sorry little guys,” said Wayne, as the remnants of the dead ants travelled with him on his journey back towards his dinner.

M.A.D. is Mario Barrio and in this project he’s up to ‘no-good’ in depicting fictional ‘devastation’ and ‘nuclear annihilation’. The concept is raw, because it’s a raw subject. And also when it’s in a dream-bedroom-pop style, it’s glamorous as heck.


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