M.N.O.P. ‘I’m So Sorry’ : To de-escalate and exorcise the edges that make it all difficult.


Groveling for affection? Feeling down and sympathetic for your own plight? Nope. ‘I’m So Sorry’ is in a way of acceptance and putting validity of the present, then working towards moving forward to betterment. M.N.O.P. isn’t about self indulgence and glamour piety. They work in ‘I’m So Sorry’, to de-escalate and exorcise the edges that make it all difficult.

NYC based band with the gumption for mixing folk-punk, surf rock and indie stylistics, high energy is the order of the day – every day – for this band.

With lyrics examining self-reckoning and change, the song is introspective yet cathartic, exploring several disparate ideas but finding a way to unite them in the end.

Their new album ‘Illuminated Body’ drops May 1st, yo.

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It’s here!! “I’m So Sorry” is part of our new EP out May 1st. You can pre-order the EP on our Bandcamp page and in the meantime this song is available to stream there and on all the usual haunts. Thank you friends, enjoy!! 🖤⚡️🖤 (heads up this clip contains strong language!) . . . MNOP is @bonsaipepperman @skate8diagrams @cosmojerry @rocketworm Recorded and mixed by @dukesound Mastered by @ncik_hogeboom Cover art by Amelia Hazen @bonsaipepperman Collar by @p34r.w34r and @mikaaagari Video made by @ashleykateadams . . . #surfrock #punk #indierock #surfpunk #headbanger #makeroominyourapartmenttothrash #poetrycore #nycbands #brooklynbands #femalefronted #newmusic #notonalabel #onetakedrums #firsttakebesttake

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