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Mabaleka Shares ‘Crashed’. “Spirited vocal arrangements and sun filled decadence.”

MABALEKA turns to a new and vibrant exuberance, as the musical brothers, Malusi and Bukhosi Mabaleka, gives renewed flight to their songs with spirited vocal arrangements and sun filled decadence. Canada based, they rite, perform and record acoustically in the tradition of country-folk.

With music in their hearts and pension for lyrical continuity, their harmonious vocals power and frame their guitar works, to give a bespoke handcrafted flair to ti all. They transport with gumption, and touch down into your soul with grace and inexhaustible attitudes.

They aim to bring their Saskatchewan for the world to hear and view, through their music.

‘Crashed’ is the latest single of an old favorite, and it exemplifies the curiosity and lust for life, the two siblings, embed and enunciate, with pride, in their hymns of joy and positivity.

The soaring tales of flight into the grand old horizons, shatter the notions of limits and self-imposed hesitations.

Passion and love, is exposed in their works, and we should be listening.





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