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Macajey Shares ‘Journeys’. The Single Unavoidably Holds You And Guides You By Your Elbow. Magical Feelings.

Being in a luxurious bath was the first thought about this single from dream-pop producer Macajay. The sweeping undulations of the dream like vigil, of a song, lifts you up and down to that stoked forest corner. You can be safe there. You can do what you’d like there. You won’t be spied on. You will thrive in your natural imaginations, helping you to grow as a human being – looking inwards, then without.

Jeremy Macachor is the real name of this project of his, and we think it’s another piece needed to tackle that Galactic beast. The beast is that nawing feeling of guilt within your head, your heart, your being.

Let’s separate ourselves from that plight. Needn’t be that way forever, right?

Smile. Relax your shoulders.

You’ll be fine.

We ALL will be fine.



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