Macintushie ‘noise( or maladaptive daydreaming)’ : A new generation of Brazilian shoegazers dream of their songs.


Pedro Baapz and Isabel Oliveira know each other from contributing to local band Alles Club. They live in Juiz de Fora, a 500k inhabitants town close to Rio de Janeiro. Pedro and Bel, both in their mid-20s, decided to record together when Bel announced that she’ll move out.

“For me, art nowadays needs to be in constant interaction: film and streaming, advertising and memes. And music isn’t different. It has to go against any aesthetic prejudice. You are not obliged to like everything you listen to, you just need to dissociate yourself from any conservative aesthetics. Conservatism in art is not what we need in such a dark period as the one we are living”

Beach House meets The XX, Pink Industry and Slowdive, with lyrics mixing English and Portuguese, Macintushie encapsulates what a new generation of Brazilian shoegazers dream of their songs.


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