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Macy Todd Shares ‘I Like This Song (feat. Portier)’. “Connected once more. Living once again.”

MACY TODD’s newest EP ‘You Never Liked This Song’, comes a gorgeous single ‘I Like This Song’. It’s that tick-tock tip over of your heart’s desire, that comes true in an immaculate pop offering. With tinges of Bread, Air Supply and a modernity that is just as charming and ambitious as Stevie Nicks, Macy’s vocals makes it quite clear of the exuding absolution that is tied to this particular single.

“I did this a year and a half ago. It was the first time i felt like i had a voice in the studio. Part of that was maturity, part of that was the people around me. even tho I’ve done a bit since then that I’m even more stoked to share, I was intentional about releasing this project. I am in love with how it grew me as an artist and person – I learned that I have been living in fear and I’ve been led by pride – I’ve been afraid to let my followers see the unpolished, experimental, and naive parts of my process..and honestly, I have hated it. Going forward, I want to grow with my listeners. I understand there are a million methods of going about this artist thing, but I have come to a place where that is the conviction I have as an artist. I do not know what I am doing.. buuuut I know what I like doing and I’m wanting to get better with y’all. more story telling about this project to come but… te amo.”

Continued Macy.

“A few years ago, I learned a bittersweet truth— my music could take me places that I don’t entirely want to go. I was traveling the country with a rad, live soul band. I was writing with some of the most insane musicians and producers. I’d been working with a team that helped produce and choreograph some of the coolest visuals. I was making a living doing what I love, all while feeling completely disconnected from the music that was allowing me to do it. So, I took a step back. I tore into the boxes that had been built for me. I stopped trying to be good, and started aiming to have fun. And it’s made all the difference.”

“I’ve found the beauty in being an artist that’s still under the radar. It means there’s room for me to goof up, to make mistakes, and to grow… And guys, I want to do that with you. I want to share my life with you— my highs, my lows, my mistakes, my redemption, my anxiety, my peace. And I want you to share yours with me. I’m not aiming to be a perfect artist, but an honest one. The new music? You’ll hear threads of soul, of electronic, of folk, of pop.”

“But it’s all gonna be me. I promise.”

Macy’s amazing.

As a performer.

As an artist.

Her EP ‘You Never Liked This Song’ is itself, amazing.



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