Mad Meg ‘Functioning Adult’ : Eclectic sound is colored by the ethnic and music backgrounds

Mad Meg

MAD MEG has been active since 2011.

The Bowie like vocal attitude drizzles the irony and the destitute descriptions of the city, or the town, or the individual misdeeds. The New York City based band is eclectic, and so very ‘NYC’. The rock institution is as 80’s as much as current. The profound ‘absurdity’ of the world is noted clearly and defyingly in this single. It’s a fun and thought provoking addition to the musical discourse, for sure.

Having originally debuted in 2011, Mad Mag’s eclectic sound is colored by the ethnic and music backgrounds of its past and present members who come from Russia, USA, Mexico, Austria, France, Puerto Rico and Kazakhstan. Their musical backgrounds range from jazz to mariachi music, from rock to Russian urban folk, from punk to cabaret.

The leader of the collective is Ilya Popenko, who besides heading the band as a singer and songwriter, is also an artist and photographer, who is, for the most part, responsible for the band’s visuals.

Mad Meg’s regular members include: the Kazakhstan born, Rock drummer, Ruslan Baimurzin, Berkeley School of Music graduate, Jason Laney, multifaceted bassist, Igor Reznik, and the band’s guitarist, Dan Veksler.


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