Maddisun ‘Meant to Be’ : Warm and light hearted. Invitation to dance away the pain, is pure.


Flickering and loving as always, Maddisun’s mix of folk/Americana infuse into a pop glitter of soulful searches and of story.

Said Maddisun: “‘Meant to Be’ Is about staying true to yourself, especially in your creative endeavors. It’s about breaking away from expectations and standards. Healing the pain that is holding you back from truly achieving your goals, and knowing that you are always exactly who you’re meant to be.”

Confusion and hectic energies abound in our lives. A culmination of this distraction, distracting that. Our minds, crumble with facets of guilt by association to the responsibilities that hold us to the gravity of it all.

“This song was put on the back burner while we recorded the album, but I remember during our days in the studio I found myself coming back to this song, playing licks of it.. trying to find inspiration to complete it. so happy its out there after my debut album release “Self Reflections”.

Warm and light hearted, Maddisun’s invitation to dance away the pain, is pure.

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