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MADELEN’s REQUEST Shares ‘While I’m Young’. “From Norway, With Love.”

We love folk. There’s always a reason. But in a weird way, we think it’s so diverse and varied, that each new single in this category just surprises us sometimes.

Take MADELEN’s REQUEST. They are a folk-rock band from Norway. They bring this visceral and fun music that is classic to a certain moment, having the full variety of modernity within each bar.

Close your eyes. Listen.

‘While I’m Young’ is that folk-rock song that is guitar, jangle, and so much of what you love about harmonies.

So much fun.

Oh, and the song is a warning. “Have the time of your life, while you can. You have nothing to lose.”

So true.

In 2016, Aleksander (frontman) gather the gang together and created MR, as you see here.

Let’s have some fun. Shall we?



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