Madeline Finn ‘Whippoorwill’ : A willingness to give a bit, to let yourself breathe, can do wonders.

Madeline Finn

Beautiful expressions drizzle from the vocals of Madeline Finn. And in single ‘Whippoorwill’ a pop fervor intrinsically rain down in charms and synchronicity.

Said Madeline: “A conversation with my future self about all the things I’d give up to be where I think I want to be. Writing ‘Whippoorwill’ was a challenging exploration into the world of personal sacrifice and the meaning of success. A passion piece from start to finish. Produced by Ben Cramer (Old Sea Brigade) and Owen Lewis (Phillip Phillips, Banners, Lady Gaga), this tune took on a form of its own.”

‘Whippoorwill’ is a touch of reality for all of us. We look forward, then look back at times to see where we are. Sometimes we’re frustrated. Sometimes we’re outraged. Sometimes we’re happy. Sometimes we’re often confused.

The tale that Madeline tells, is a consumption of wills that predicated our moves through this forest called, life. And a willingness to give a bit, to let yourself breathe, can do wonders.

It’s our ambitions to get there, wherever we’d deemed that to be.

All we can do is give the best shot we can.

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