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MADELYN DARLING’s Single ‘Blue Diamond Eyes’. “Ravish Your Senses.”

Institutionalized salvation, stuck in the rut of a downpour walk back home. Listless and nervous, to the thunderous silence of being alone. Take the shield of malnourished inspections, with little to no relative results, profoundly implicit in the wholeness of your wits – the trauma – the unforgiving length of life.

Ravished in the silken dredged life force, in the ever lasting and ever present efforts in surviving. We turn our heads, in giving of our left cheek, where no scars remains, for no interest has been set. The Universe, comes to those who wantonly deceit the self, proclaiming martyrdom, in delusion.

Rearing our heads from the downpour from the bus stop, we see the tacit implications, to whom it may concern. “Does this concern me?” you asked. There was no answer, but only a glimmer of hope, that maybe, in the far-micro future, a bloom of confidence will rise.

They will rise. “I’m certain.”

MADELYN DARLING’s latest ‘Blue Diamond Eyes’ depicts the scene of ‘interest’ and ‘objectification’ that hails at the edges of fetishism. Not a downright rejection, but of awareness and a call for fair play.

It’s in the vain of asking for better, all around interest in knowing your surroundings, being knowledgeable, being a better civilized human being. Albeit, it’s at times, a large demand, but we all need to keep trying to be better.

Relish the synth driven, shoegazy indie-pop vibe of MADELYN DARLING. We can definitely get used to her musings.




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