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Madge Shares Undeniable Defense For The Absurd In ‘Alice’. Boys-Be-Ware.

Madge’s single ‘Alice’ is catchy, hook-y, pop – and we dig it like today’s business. The pop singer from the land of angels (Los Angeles) comes at us and caused our noses to bleed, just a bit. Not with harsh language or any kind of over the top idiosyncrasies. But with a message, to the the eclectic and FOR the eclectic attitudes and dispositions we harness within.

‘Alice’ is delectable.

And it uses ‘stop & go’ tactics to first maime our inhibitions, then slap our face with a wet towel, then hands us a cool drink of iced-tea on a humid summer’s day to quench that niggling feeling behind our musical cortex.

The call to arms and brutish warning to the opposite sex is punk in nature and we dig that about Madge. The soft and angelic vocal delivery is just the beginning of what’s really underneath. And underneath, can be the absurd, of you, of us, of her, of the world we live and breathe.

She’s ready to devour you.



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