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MADUS Shares ‘Baby’. Call Us Baby. Call Us Whatever You Want.

From the get-go, this single is catchy with the kind of rock hook that is pop and so very agreeable. The bridge does a fabulous job of holding your hand up that hill of chorus ecstasy. It’s a dang good song. It’s a dang fun song. Must be an excellent song to hear live. Can’t get better than that.


It’s a simple formula. But it’s sometimes hard to get a hold of. The formula dictates that when there is a task (i.e. making fun rock music) there is a call to arms, to be precise. The armor consists of a full on mail of notes, interwoven together, to make the effect of a one piece shield. The advantage is to flex, to bend, and have the advantage of movement. And in ‘Baby’, with the vocals of Dugan, and the works of this crew, makes this song a delight. Short, punchy, and a warning to all their counter sex fans.

Watch out.

MADUS consists of: Dugan Cruz, James Teekel, Hunter Craig, and Sam Sobo.




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