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Magana – Oceans (Chuck cover)

Magana’s Oceans (cover of a fellow record label mate, Chuck) is a solum, visceral, and a softer brush-stroke audible exercise. Her vocals brings up to the crust, the bubbling sadness and under-expressed frustration, CHUCK’s version expressed coming from a different angle.

This is expected of Magana (who we’ve featured before for Inches Apart), of course. Her background in multi-instrumental skill(z) and her folk-ish / alt-rock feel in her outputs, always remind us of her talent for straw-ing up the essence of what a song’s softer side can be.

In the original CHUCK version of Oceans, the song expresses what CHUCK seems to be profess – a persona who’s outlook is a somewhat “Whatever, I don’t care about you. OR maybe I do, but I’ll kiss you” kind of feel. It’s raking, bit alkaline, harrowing, unfair kind of indie-folk heart-ache. It’s one of those styles we at CHF dig; it peels off the rind and exposes the soft and juicy orange innards, that maybe can be enjoyed or, destructively, be left for the flies.

In contrast, Magana re-directs CHUCK’s original point of the song’s efforts, and opens it up into another kind of 5-beam spectrum. It’s warming, it’s naked, it’s vulnerable – however, it is strong, demanding – as strong as the original’s raking essence.

We love cross-promotional guest covers. It’s a great way to hear another angle to a song and its execution. Also, it shows followers of a particular artist(s), how they fit in someone else’s lyrics.

Oh the naked-ness!

Anywho, we love Jeni (Magana)- she does a great job in this cover. We think you should give it a try, just as you should try out CHUCK.

Magana and CHUCK are promoted by Audio Antihero- a fab independent record label operating out of London UK- with a great sense of humor, it seems.



Audio AntiHero

Also, if you’re in the NYC/Brooklyn area, on September 6th, visit and buy a ticket at SPR. Magana, Chuck and Frog are featured. Here is the Facebook link.

Seems the bar is the place to hang, while watching these two =D


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