Magic Bronson ‘I Don’t Know Man’ : Riotous thumps of imagination and gumption.

Magic Bronson

Can’t mistake the sounds of Magic Bronson. Eclectic, familiar, and right up your alley, the unassuming project, with the effervescent attitudes pull out sounds that makes your day.

Continues with ‘I Don’t know Man’.

Said the duo: “When we wrote it it was more in reference to our current President and the climate of what’s happening in the world but can also be used to address the music industry as a whole and the frustration of having to pander to what a label or executive might think is the best direction for your band to take. We liked the idea of getting a fake spray tan from sitting in front of a fire and how it’s a metaphor for rich people sitting in a boardroom deciding what’s best for your future without asking your opinion or even caring for that matter.”

‘I Don’t Know Man’ is a single included in the upcoming album ‘SWEAT’. It follows tracks ‘ITILYN’, ‘Surfin’ and ‘Tell All Your Friends’.

Riotous thumps of imagination and gumption is a town where Magic Bronson lives.

And it’s a town that you’d want to visit, over and over.


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