Magic Island ‘Tiger’s Eye’ : Good times and smiles and funny-business of youth.

Magic Island

Remember your college parties? We sure do. And in the works of Magic Island, that gushy retrospective feeling of beer-walls and good times with mates, comes pouring out like it was last week. Better yet. Not only thoughts of those college years, but all of the mashing of the good times and smiles and funny-business of youth, keeps pouring out in this delectable piece of music.

It’s what Magic Island does to perfection. And you just can’t have one.

The Leominster, Massachusetts 4 piece band with the instinctive talent to connect in that way brings catchy indie rock grooves that just opens up the can of good vibes, all around.

Since their formation in early 2013, they’ve played countless shows throughout New England and the East Coast supporting their 3 releases. Following up their 2015 album ‘New Colors’ the band returns to give back to their fans and listeners, the radical shine that they’d always exuded.

Listen. And love this hue of goodness.


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