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Magic Shoppe // Al Maari // The Legends // Ted Z and the Wranglers // Gon

Leslie Campbell

Magic Shoppe – Candy Flip

Off of their upcoming ‘Circles’ LP, MAGIC SHOPPE makes monster chords fit your every-day with ‘Candy Flip’ and its shoe-gazy inspired goodness. Love the fuzz, or not, you can’t deny that the dark and heavy psychedelia pours out of the vessels the song. The non-descript aspect of the son give that vibrant undertones of mass hitting substance. And through it all it alters the senses, just enough to vanquish the likes of the ordinary. The band will be touring the EU in early 2020 in support of the new record. Band consists of: Josiah Webb (vocals/lead guitar), Stevie Moonboots (bass), Dave Mulvaney (drums), and Richie Gibson (rhythm guitar).

Al Maari – Nobädy

Al Maari (Florent Maaratié) is the descendant of the great controversial poet “Abul’Ala Al Maari” – an Arab literary figure of the Middle Ages. Said Al: “‘Nobädy’ is a cry from the heart in response to the negativity of the media, in which the notions of love, mutual aid and positive action have disappeared because they are not sellable. To chant ‘Nobädy is a way to exorcise and break this vicious circle by stating “I am not alone, we are no longer alone.” Inspired by Indian speaker Krishnamurti’s spiritual philosophy, the lyrics of this first opus are based on humanism, focused on the living and the environmental crisis of our modern world.

The Legends x Club 8 (Karolina) – Looking For Love

Johan Angergård is THE LEGENDS. The founder of Labrador Records teams up with Karolina Komstedt from Club 8 on vocals, for a dainty duet in ‘Looking For Love’. In that sweet, sweet humor by Johan: “Swedish mastermind Johan Angergård has released six albums and numerous singles under his The Legends moniker since the 00’s. He’s now working on a series of singles and possibly an album…[I’m] a member of Acid House Kings, Djustin, Pallers and, yes one half of the duo Club 8 (so what makes this a The Legends single and not Club 8? Well, don’t ask me…). Curiouser, and curiouser indeed.

Ted Z and the Wranglers – Corner Store

‘Corner Store’ is off of their upcoming album ‘Southland’. And when you wanna have fun, like you boys and gals do, you look to TED Z AND THE WRANGLERS. That’s right. A gruff and rough, but poignant and tender, story telling fools with the heart of gold, is where the band sits. The Wranglers are Collin Mclean (bass), Jackson Leverone (lead and slide guitar, vocals) and Jordan Lipp (drums). The Souther California based band keeps on delivering the airy and unobtrusive Americana-rock that delivers with happy faces, dancing feet, and a whole lot of chanting and sing-alongs. Outlaw-country and catch stories make love, regret, getting older, and getting in trouble a fabulous thing to keep around. Let’s all shuffle with the band, shall we?

Gon – Alive

“I’m so so so excited to share this. I had the most amazing team to work with on this video and I just couldn’t be more grateful.” Singer/songwriter Gon Halevi (GON) will release his debut full-length album, ‘Diagonal Fields’, on October 25th. Just like watching your favorite drama at the theater of roses, GON’s cinematically inclined video does him justice, as the visual candidates for live and emotions learned, soar off of the pages of the music video. ‘Alive’ visually demonstrates different ways of dealing with everything that prevents us from happiness and success. At the end of the day, you determine those definitions. At the end of the day you MUST overcome your fears and anxieties. You must be ‘alive’ to enjoy, the small and the large. Things will turn around.


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