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Magnificence & 7 Skies // LALZIN // Dope Lemon // Mapei // Etyen

Magnificence & 7 Skies – The Drill

Dutch duo Magnificence team up with Italy’s 7 Skies on ‘The Drill’. Hmmmm. What could this be about? No idea. But you can’t help but get up from that couch of yours and dance like it’s the future past 1990’s. Fantastic grit and ol’ school dance single that hits all of the water tables with attitude and sprinkling subtleties. If you own a basketball team, you get this going and then some. You’re in the shower right now? Pump this up in the waterproof speakers and get that lather up! This is for every nook and cranny of your daily life. Get ‘er done! Landing on Tiësto’s own renowned dance label Musical Freedom this October, ‘The Drill’ is a powerful, unpredictable and hugely effective dance floor weapon of choice.

LALZIN – Turn The Lights Off (Remix by VOWED)

VOWED is a signed Parisian musician and producer/DJ. The talented artist hits at all levels of stride. The DJ has been supported by artists like Absence, Tomsize, ESKEI 83, Levi & Suiss, Danny Darko, Steve Omen and more. VOWED has played clubs in Paris such as the VIRGO, Les Planches, Le Concorde Atlantique, and the Seven Spirits opening for Tomsize. This remix is the latest. It’s thumpin’, drivin’, and it takes you away. Word.

Dope Lemon – Hey You (Remix by Cedric Gervais)

Dope Lemon dropped his Smooth Big Cat album this summer and is back with a real treat, a Cedric Gervais Remix of his first release off the album, ‘Hey You’. Yea, you! Get in my car! Nope that’s the wrong song. But with a song like this gets you drunk and you won’t care any longer. The shoe drops when you’re stumbling towards that girl at the other side of the floor. Come hither, you say in your mind. She doesn’t hear you. But you go there anyways, and you don’t care if you make a fool of yourself. She gives you a hint of smile. You flex, with a small wink and smile. You pop and lock, showing off your skillz. She almost throws up a bit in her mouth, in embarassment of you. But you trek on. You have a mission to accomplish. “Salute!” Dance baby. Dance!

Mapei – 2 Cents

Mapei uses her soulful voice to belt out recorded memories of the past, present and even the future. It is in these new songs that she manifests a vision of what her life could be like, set to the beat of 808s. “I’m a product of my time and I can only reflect on what I’ve learned along the way. What I’ve accumulated in my soul,” Mapei solemnly says. “From seeing abandoned buildings in my hometown of Providence, to the beautiful islands in the remote oceans I’ve swam in, and finally to my mother’s new home in Liberia, I’ve seen the way people have changed for the better.” She continued: “However, there are still so many damaging social structures that still exist. We still have a long way to go, and until we can come together and defeat these prejudices, there will always be a deeper sadness inside of me.” The single ‘2 Cents’ is an irreverent call to arms about the balance of what life is really about, when it comes to really getting down to examining what has become. On her latest LP ‘Sensory Overload’ “is a dedication to herself and to others who keep holding it down despite racists, critics and haters.”

Etyen – Kayen

Kayen is the 5th solo EP by Lebanese Electronica musician, producer and Red Bull Music Academy Alumnus Etyen, releasing just a few months after his EP ‘Bebe’. Since 2014, he has released 4 solo EPs and a number of singles, remixes and collaborations, with a diverse but consistently unique sound, from Indie and Downtempo to heavier Electronica and Techno. ‘Kayen’ stands at the palisade’s edge of EDM and downtempo visual catharcis. It invigorates while teasing your senses with danceable, and artful stigmas – drowning basses, and drizzling socratic tattle tales. A vermin of the mind, settling in the angelic vibes of Etyen’s digital works. Painting in structures, for the glory of what you are and ever will be. With Kayen, Etyen shifts moods and explores a softer side of dance music, with two original compositions embodying ethereal and flourishing synth melodies driven by an energetic and entrancing groove.


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