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Magnus Bechmann – Bruises

Magnus Bechmann’s Bruises has that catchy guitar, 80’s wave, synth laden, feel that we love. Bruises brings the sophistication and innovation to pop that is barely known (now), but it’s a song that you let drape over your sensibilities.

It’s a good thing.

It’s catchy.

Outright fun.

‘Bob-head’ tastic.

And most of all, it just works.

Bechmann a young pop star in the making, is from Norway, and gosh darn it, it’s those Scandinavians again making the big strides- dictating and adding conversation into popular music.

We’re excited.

And we get excited when we see such a shiny little nugget of coolness, in such a monstrous and crowed space – such as in POP music.

It brought some ‘bounce’ to our work day, for sure.

And sometimes, that’s all that’s what’s needed.

Kudos, Magnus. Kudos.

He’s rep’ed by Brillance Records, HQ’ed in Norway, and Yunizon Records, HQ’ed in France.



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