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Magpie Blue Shares Video For ‘Just In Time’. “Lovely flight. In a complex world.”

“The melody holds quite a nostalgic melancholy,” said MAGPIE BLUE of ‘Just In Time’, “which inspired me to sing about escaping the grip of the emotional crutch of a past relationship.

Getting over someone who‘s had a massive emotional hold of you, held all of the cards so to speak and left you feeling powerless. Then, there is that moment when you finally do get over it, force the other person to face up to the way they’ve treated you and you regain your power.“ MAGPIE BLUE is the project moniker of Millie Hanlon Cole.

The alt-pop provocateur, at 19 years of age, radiates with talent and the will to evocatively communicate her feelings and emotions in crystalized form. ‘Just In Time’ is an anthemic thrust of a single that is a call-to-arms for this ambitious woman of this world.

Anxious and brooding, MAGPIE BLUE, delivers an unmistakable psyche-rock-esque extravagance, all in an effort for the future and what it will or can bring.



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