mags ‘all i hear (dada)’ : Captivating. Alluring. Inviting. Never limited in expression.

mags / Photo: Elisabeth Eibye, MUA: Morten Kongsbak

Captivating. Alluring. Inviting. Never limited in expression.

mags returns in 2020 with her single ‘all i hear (dada)’. And with it, it follows her debut Ep ‘conversations i’ve had with myself’, which received love critically and from the dancing hearts of her fans.

A delight for the small slices of life, is brought to bloom in that beautifully formed heart of mags. The artist with the touch of fairy, sprinkles wistful antecedents, invariably full of emotions and honesty.

‘all i hear (dada)’ is a perfect example of such talents, which highlights artfully the decadence balance of shining the light upon the ravages of private detriments, versus the reactionary tales, that abound from the external.

“The sound of the song is in many ways a development of the same universe as before,” said mags, “but lyrically it is much more personal even though I didn’t think it would be possible.”

The rebel and seeker of the limits of what she is capable, the world traveler of sights and sounds, delivers another impactful and delicious single into the mix.

2020 will be a year in the name of music and she is already announced for one of the biggest festivals in Denmark, the Northside Festival.

Look for more from this fab artist.


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