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MAGUIRE // Charcoal Burners // Morris Waters // Gazey // Alex Dunaway

MAGUIRE – Strangers

London’s own, MAGUIRE’s debut EP ‘Préludes’ is just tremendous. Longing, questioning, begging, relenting – the alpha synopsis of the songs and the artist’s gaze of intent, explores with absolute pleasure and gratitude, in doing so. Gillian Maguire is the heart behind the project MAGUIRE and with each word within each verse, within each fold – her beautifully operatic vibes, cast urgency and poignancy for a full view. Radiohead like excellence, the thoughtful construction is evident and spine tingling. Just like a whisper across the span of your ears from the one you love. A silent, words of sweet nothings, that quench your thirst for more, and more, and more. “‘Strangers’ ponders the paradox of being intimate with a complete stranger, and explores the disparity between the real version of such a fleeting and passionate encounter and our memory of it after” explained MAGUIRE. Her work, and SHE – just gorgeous. As always.

Charcoal Burners – Reticent

CHARCOAL BURNERS is a band from Dunedin, New Zealand. They rock. We knew that from the get-go. Under its maximal hues and rock-purging chords, the alt-rock band, delivers with odd alacrity and a burning shimmer that breaks through the surface, at times. The surprise ambitions of the band, keeps the listener at bay with possibilities and surprises. Independent and gritty, CHARCOAL BURNERS is pushing 2019 to new heights. Check out their twin albums ‘The Best Day You Could Imagine’ and ‘Orders From the House’ (available now). The band is odd and normal at the same time. An incandescent gift, among the many rock bands around the world. Indeed.

Morris Waters – Let It Down On Me

Copenhagen born artist MORRIS WATERS incorporates influences from genres of many. From pop, to rock, to r&b, to rap, the vision for what he wants to accomplish, is an announcement to his past. A resistance to the walls that must be in his way, he treks on to make this world – his world of music and expressions – what he’d like it to display. In ‘Let It Down On Me’, a waterfall of sounds, is exceptionally curtailed in gentle shimmers and suggestive horrors for the unknown. From that, all of the excitement for what’s to come, is packaged with care and affection – inviting you to join in his understated party. Morris is so very happy to be offering ‘Let It Down On Me’. We’re glad we got to experience his happiness.

Gazey – River

Driving bass guitar, astronomical keys, anthemic lyrics, and penatrating inquisitiveness, make the gang of GAZEY what they are. And then some. The band is made up of Caleb Andrews, Ezra Padmanabham, Ryan Thomas, Ezekiel Padmanabham, and Josiah Padmanabham. The outfit dropped their latest LP ‘Sole’ (available now), and with its heavy tinted funk-like choruses, GAZEY is that grating extravagance you’d been searching for. As the massive cast of iron-clad judgements reveal your weaknesses, GAZEY is there to guide your hand and emotional impact. The Perth originating band keeps it real and surreal. See them next at Mojos Bar in Fremantle Australia, August 31st to see if your guts are correct.

Alex Dunaway – One of These Days

Of regrets, disagreements, and of the unsureness of growing and becoming a part of this world – ALEX DUNAWAY’s talent to put those sentiments into words, is beautiful to witness. We’d said it before: “Alex’s lyrical work is just beautifully crafted, and when amplified with her very expressive vocal tone, there’s just a very consuming power that can be felt.” That doesn’t waiver one iota with Alex’s singles. From the first to the next, her relationship with her diary of experiences are cast in certainty and her own kind of elegance that not many can have or achieve. Southern Californian singer/songwriter is a beauty, unto herself. She shines down lights of extraordinary charm and vision. She’s writing her own ticket to fame. You’ll get smitten too. Promise. If you’re in Temecula, California on September 21st, see Alex perform at the Masia de la Vinya Winery.


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