Mahawam Shares ‘Michelle Pheiffer’. “And emotions crushed by fear.”

MAHAWAM will be releasing EP ‘Is An Island’ on March 29th, 2019. It ‘explores themes of resignation, loneliness, lust and hope navigated during their journey to come to terms with their HIV diagnosis.’

A call to arms, ‘Michelle Pheiffer’ is a story and pain of ‘contracting HIV’ while having to observe the neglecting inactions of the American healthcare and social service for ‘Black’ and ‘queer’ souls.

The instrumental trilogies of the rhyming is expertly disseminated in this single, while the words dance along the plane of digital-synth tronics which are neither of happiness nor tragedy.

A cynical look at a cog of society which isn’t able to provide the best of the best efforts.

An observation in truth, lies, challenges, struggles, and emotions crushed by fear.



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