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Maiden China // De Stevens // Luna Pines // Van Dyke Brown // Buttermoth

Maiden China – thursday night.

Joseph and Tatum combine skills to bring to the world their music, their words, and ambience though MAIDEN CHINA. The childhood friends, in their adult states, bloom like butterflies in ‘thursday night.’ An accustomed momentum in vocal attentions, the song is a push through of vibrant understatements that shimmer in melancholic glory. New sounding, and alternative in exploration, the duo, resist the mainstream urges, and delivers. Angsty? Yes. Lovable? Sure is.

De Stevens – Central Sundown

Off of his latest album ‘Six Missed Calls’, Aussie artist DE STEVENS’ single ‘Central Sundown’ is a concept of predicaments. What if the sun that we’re so used to never came so close to rising again? what if the love that burned with absolute desire, never appeared once more? What if you’re not the man or gal you’d once thought, you were? Ridiculous cause for questions? DE STEVENS don’t think in such frailties. Within the shimmer of the dream-pop fervor, the pastel colors burgeon with mad primary colors of hate and love; all deliciously opined and caressed at the same time. A concept? Our lives is a matter of ‘concept’ ain’t it? Your footprint in this live is more than those questions. DE STEVENS is more than you think.

Luna Pines – Uneven

“It was the last song we ever began writing together,” Lotte van den Berg explained. “In December, the day after the first demo was completed, he took his own life. I remember taking the song to Ryan (Lead Vocals/Guitar) and Rob (Drums) and just feeling like it needed to be done, and we finished it in about two hours. For that reason, it’s such an important song to us as it’s one that has been through so much during its creation, and I think there’s a certain pain and desperation you can feel because of it.” The trio consists of Ryan Hawkins, Lotte van den Berg, and Rob Oates. And when the Leeds originating band speaks with their heart, a new custom of vibes come bursting. ‘Uneven”s autotune composition soaks with anticipation and hiphop tinged revelry. Right on.

Van Dyke Brown – Five Miles

VAN DYKE BROWN is in the business of country fabulousness. Rootsy, fantastically vibrant, never in doubt of their positivity, the band kicks into high gear every time their folk musicianship shines. The project is of Scott Honea, and the mix of multiple genres, reflect off of Scott’s way of making listeners smile with joy. Born in Corsicana, Texas, the now Arlington Texas based artist makes things just better. Making dinner? Scott makes thing better. Making your day at the office, the best it can be? Scott’s there to assist. Trekking through the wilds of the woods? Scott’s there to urge you on. Smile on. His album ‘Holy Libel’ is out now and ready to make you smile.

Buttermoth – Gold

Not much is known about BUTTERMOTH. But from what we hear in his latest single ‘Gold’, the future is very bright. From the folksy vibe of the fiddle picks, to the 90’s dance/house feel of the song’s framing, BUTTERMOTH’s sense for the ‘off the beaten path’ is sumptuous and memorable. In this initial launching single, there are layers of positivity from the song, and the artist’s ambitions, which we deem very cool and note worthy. The song hooks and the anticipation exists. Looking forward to what else he can do.


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