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Maiku Tachibana – Without You

Sadness from happiness. Joyfulness from darkness. It’s the stuff of life and virtual. Maiku Tachibana is a sonic artist who is in the realm of explaining urgings of emotions that, in regular sentences, can become a hinderance. Through a living and breathing collection of bars of notes, Maiku, brings, as best as he can to the fore, a touch of humanity that might be pertinent. The solitude of craft, no matter the medium, is hard. Maiku’s full undertanding of such acts, is the underpinnings of his music and lyrical presentation that hits at the core of his now and future listeners. The solumn ballad ‘Without you’ is a persona decree, where a proclamation of delights and potentials, are delicately blended to seek out the truth and truth-of-happiness that we all might be looking for too. It’s a description of a solo journey, that by way of his music, allows us to take a ride shotgun.

jakson – voluntary madness

jakson is a Melbourne-based singer songwriter. He creates moody, dynamic guitar music, with a strong focus on melancholy lyricism. We’d said of jakson: “In a voice, pitched as a drone-like sadness, jakson sings. He talks. He displays. And as he speaks, our own hearts ‘sing’. A trigger has been turned upwards. A trigger has been clicked inwards. With hyper soft veneration of chords slip through the cracks of your listening defensive walls, the words dissolve. Dissolving into the crevasses in the expectations of what it was exactly, on that day.” The slow moving weather front of jakson’s formidable style is undeniably attractive in its oddly set attentions. Off of his latest LP ‘Cynicism & The Bleak’, the alternative crooner, delight as he helps us plunge into the depths of casualties in vision and ultimate self awareness. We’re almost there folks. See him next @ Grace Darling Hotel, Collingwood, Victoria, on October 24th.

Michael A. Muller (of Balmorhea) – Lower River

The Eluvium-esque title track ‘Lower River’ is a rolling, optimistic drone that’s highlighted by drops of organic instrumentation throughout, giving the overall vibe a hopeful outlook that builds steadily and strongly. The second single from the album is accompanied by a rework Erased Tapes artist Masayoshi Fujita. ‘Lower River’ the album drops October 25th. Conceptually, ‘Lower River’ explores the place where time, space, and self are occluded — a field of pure energy and creation similar to ‘the flow’ or zen state where ideas stream without impediment. Inspired by his own remote travels throughout the US and Europe and the personal exploration of a meditative practice, it’s a sonic exploration of what it means to hear versus to listen, to immerse oneself in navigating the subconscious plane of pure energy and deep, immersive creativity.

Fragile Creatures – A New Low

Fragile Creatures latest single, ‘A New Low’, is the first track to drop from their forthcoming second album, ‘Punk Yacht’. Combining rock, grunge, pop and catchy melodies, Fragile Creatures evoke the spirit of great musical innovators of the past, from Bowie to Blur and beyond. “We are opposed to populist hate politics, that’s in the lyrics,” said Fragile Creatures. Made up of Adam Kidd (vocals/guitar), Aaron Kieran Neville (keyboards/vocals), Tom Alty (guitar/vocals), James Crump (drums), and Adam Whittles (bass/vocals), combines rock, grunge, and pop to catch your attention, driving the classic Brit-rock synonyms, with conscientious lyrical expressions. See them next @ Concorde 2, Brighton UK, November 10th.

Taipei – The Birds

We’re not sure what to say. ‘The Birds’ is an immaculate beauty of a production by Taipei. That’s all we can really say, we guess, because we don’t know too much about the project. But we do know that this song, the scheme of things, combines craft and craftiness in sound making to a fabulous level. Starting out with a Pink Floyd like menagerie, slight and reverb-tinged, it builds with accustomed lyrical solo that soars, as much as it is understated. Recorded & written in the summer of 2019 by Taipei & Sebastian Jacobson, the song features drums by Erik Lillkung and where the whole was mastered by Eric Broyhill. The history of Taipei, and his self-titled LP release in 2018, should be listened to and studied. The uber talented artist is impressive in every way, as the shimmers of notes, just dance with delight in every song.


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