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Majik Taylor – Waste My Days

Traveling along with you, and that made me think. Can I be with you forever? Can you be with me forever?

Majik Taylor’s Waste My Days is a velvet laden landscape of a song. Lay down on it. It’s soft. It’s real. It’s for the lover of love – for the sake of love.

“You rejected me. You hurt me.”

“I know.”

“No, you don’t know. You don’t realize how much you’d hurt me.”


“It felt like my life was over. My mind went blank, torn, crying…so much crying.”

“Hate me, Liz. It’s ok… it’s ok to hate me. I hate myself for hurting the one I love.”

“I love you.”

The quartet hailing from Dallas TX, headed by Ian Salazar, describes their band’s output as “Art Rock and Psych Rock”. Their influence takes are from many genres of music (which is the way it should be), and tries to put their observations into their songs.

In parts, there is a ‘garage band’ like feel, which, for this band is all becoming. But the tools they hold, directs us to see that they are on the right path. The path is their’s to mold.

It’s all about the artist being honest and sincere with the lyrics and his/her execution. That makes songs and bands, attractive to their fans.

The band continues their journey and is in the Dallas area doing all they can to entertain their listeners.

We dig the band, especially this song.

Go, go!



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