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She Major – Please Don’t

She Major’s Please Don’t is an aesthetic exercise, in construction of wild expectations, controlled with love, doubt, anxieties, tears as steering wheels. Domineering is softness in this song.

Damp and dark, the leaves caused the rustling noises, like the ones on a distant movie film. The full moon cast the shadows, highlighted in blue cast moon beams. The woods had lost its colors – they being temporarily usurped by the night.

But it was ok, she thought. It was ok to be part. It is ok to shiver. Among the night sounds.

The dark wasn’t frightening. As much as other human beings.

It’s odd. That there are different kinds of ‘shivering’ that exists in the world.

I’ve got both of them, she thought.

Please Don’t is a small film, in our CFH’s eyes. Which is what we tried to convey above. It’s cinematic. It’s voyeuristic. It’s a 3rd person biopic-narration.

Well intentioned and groomed, the song is one that we dig – even through its ‘doom & gloom’ journey.

It’s well worth the trip.

She Major’s rep’ed by PIAS Belgium.



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