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Make Friends Shares ‘Talk Tomorrow’. “Groovy incantations. A remedy of the day.”

Progressive elements, tight with indie-pop sensibilities, wrapped in groovy incantations, the Bristol UK based 4 piece MAKE FRIENDS keeps it going with their follow up to ‘Drop Naked’ with ‘Talk Tomorrow’.

Ever increasing in energy proportions, the jam-tastic and fun-tabulous single sings along with the world, as you hum to the beats and the charismatic chorus.

The band explained: “’The lyrics of Talk Tomorrow’ essentially portray being caught in the heat of the moment whilst arguing with someone important to you. It’s about acknowledging how in a wild intoxicated state we might be saying or doing things we don’t mean and would ultimately end up regretting, hence the line “Let’s talk tomorrow”. Sometimes it’s just best to leave it until we have a clearer head the next day.”

“We thought this song would be relatable as we’ve all had that horrible feeling of regret over a fight from the night before, especially when it involves someone close to you.”

Sage choice. A wise and mature way of living, we would say.

See MAKE FRIENDS March 5th, at The Prince Albert, in Brighton, UK.

Then make them your friends, and put ‘Talk Tomorrow’ in your rotation.


‘Talk Tomorrow’ was recorded at Geoff Barrow’s Invada Studios, Bristol with acclaimed Everything Everything keys player and producer Pete Sené.


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