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Makeout Point – Audrey

“It’s the tragedy of it all. It’s the sheer frustration of it all. I cannot mend. I cannot forget. I cannot eat. I cannot conceive – why have you gone from me?” Makeout Point’s Audrey is a drizzling rain of expectations and grim palpitations, which don’t meet in the middle nor have a fairy tale beginning. It’s just what it is and that’s that. It’s just a fabulous song.

She came to that mythical extracts, remaining in her bottled up mind.

“I’m not crazy,” she stated silently to herself. “I can’t live like this.”

But she did. She just let it.

It’s just a way of life for her.

Colors don’t seem right anymore. Colors don’t move like they did anymore.

The days don’t seem applicable any longer anymore.

Tripping lights, in her mind of minds, trying to forget, trying to move on.

“It’s no use. It’s just too hard.”

Why was it like this?

Never was like this in the past. Why now?

False gold, deep rooted and she pierced, the dark night – one strike, two strikes.

Resistance, and fight – she did everything to shield herself from it.

Next day, the battle was over.

Love had won.

The colors came back, the sunshine was strong.

She finished dressing, and put her shoes on.

“Ok. Let’s go for it.”

It’s true. Her love was waiting at the bus station.

Short, punchy, glorious.

The song is just a great declaration to one of our human emotions and it does justice.

We’re glad we got to know the gang in Makeout Point.

Kudos, gang. Kudos.

We dig it. You should too.

They work out of Stockholm, Sweden and that is no coincidence.



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