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MAKEOUT POINT’s Single ‘In Memories’. Debut EP Drops In Autumn 2018. Can’t Wait.

The gang in MAKEOUT POINT are hard-core. Deciding to use the atmosphere of shoegazing, punk, rock, and pop, they create the elastic energy through their music. Unapologetically and emotionally emboldened, the tantalizing singles from the band brings it like it’s Armageddon, and spreads the bed of flowers, so that your scorched body don’t scar.

‘In Memories’, this demonstration is apparent. And since our last review of their single ‘Audrey’ back in December of 2017, the gang hasn’t stopped their commentary on the ‘fuc*ed up’ love situations and the problem of gals and boys, in this complicated world.

The driving guitar work framing the lead vocals, makes MP a sparkling drink in a sunny summer day – which may or may not kill you with affection or a sharp object of discontent.

MAKEOUT POINT is a 5 piece band from Stockholm, Sweden, with the kind of rock attitude that is reminiscent of past decades, but certainly the style of their own – which you just cannot deny.

Dikembe Mutombo cannot stop this 5 pack of excitement (joke reference? Look up ‘Dikembe Mutombo finger wag’) =D

MP consists of Alma Broman (bass), Andreas Gustafsson (guitar), Shiva Kazemi (vocals), Simon Hjort (drums) and Theo Brus (guitar).

Watch out.



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