Mal the Oddity ‘Freaks and Wild Things’ : Make lemonade out of lemons. Mal would agree.

Mal The Oddity

“‘Freaks and Wild Things’ is a charming bedroom pop and lofi indie. Mal reminisces about his people: the outcasts, explorers, and romantics. And through it all, acceptance and love, purveys the landscape of this single.

Featuring a unique and catchy vocal delivery over sublime production by omgsora, ‘Freaks n Wild Things’ represents a new direction for Mal, who has his roots in hip hop and rnb (Frank Ocean, Travis Scott & Tyler the Creator among his biggest influences). He’s found new ways to express his unique brand of cinematic music through lofi, indie, and bedroom pop techniques.

‘Freaks and Wild Things’ is the first in a series of singles recorded Mal has recorded while stranded in Valencia, Spain, for the two months of the Covid-19 quarantine. Once it was clear he would not be able to return to his native Brooklyn, he ordered a mic & interface and began to create as much as possible. This is how his foray into chill, lofi & bedroom pop began.

Make lemonade out of lemons. Mal would agree.

Dang. That tastes heck good.


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