Malin Pettersen ‘Hometown’ : Delicate and scrumptious vocals continues the ‘wild’ success.

Malin Pettersen

“The song isn’t necessarily about a specific hometown,” specified Malin Pettersen, “but more the idea of a place (mentally or physically) where you get stuck in your ways and forget what is really important to you. Also, getting caught up in what other people might think of you, your music, your choices, etc. can be hard sometimes. This song works as a reminder to myself of what and who I really want to be. Somebody making her own choices.”

The Norwegian Spellman (‘Norwegian Grammy’) winner for her album, ‘References Pt. 1’, will be following up in October 16th with her next album, ‘Wildhorse’. ‘Hometown’ continues the success that she’d brought to the listening world, with delicate and scrumptious vocals and that honky-tonk Americana goodness that has garnered such love.

‘Hometown’ is “definitely a “I hope there are others out there who might identify with this and that I’m not the only one” kind of song,” added Malin. “I’m happy to say I meet a lot of those people when I’m out playing. I love having a safe place to call home, but a “hometown” is only worth its weight if it acts as safe place for growing goals and ideas, or if it’s so settled in its ways it catapults you into seeking new grounds and breaking boundaries.”

‘Wildhorse’ the album, kicks off an exciting new chapter for Pettersen. It was recorded in Nashville’s Music City U.S.A., Pettersen recruited an all-star lineup of musicians including Aaron Goodrich (Colter Wall), Misa Arriaga (Kacey Musgraves, Lillie Mae), Ryan A. Keith (Rayland Baxter), and Eddy Dunlap (Luke Bryan, the Grand Ole Opry house band), with additional contributions from Logan Ledger, Dennis Crouch, Ben Sanders, Mike Eli, and Emily Keith.


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