Mall Girl ‘My Sweet Mall Girl’ : Is a delight, and of the highest caliber of embrace.

Mall Girl

Mall Girl is the outfit which will make you dance. Dance, we say! For the 80’s coming-of-age dreams, puddle together in this visceral charm that enlightens and delivers that gut wrenching punch of vibes.

From the rhymes of A$AP Rocky to the vocal ease of Rickie Lee Jones, the group finds inspiration in innovative art, regardless of genre. That varied palate helped them to create a sound all their own, fusing relatable, engulfing lyrics with elements plucked from classic pop and gritty math rock.

The 80s-inspired track, ‘My Sweet Mall Girl’ is in part a melodic nod to influential British pop rockers Tears for Fears. Bethany Forseth-Reichberg’s pristine vocals float above an irresistible drum groove and rolling electric guitar throughout.

Through their catchy yet heartfelt lyrics, Mall Girl explores what it means to want a special connection with another person, and just how hard it can be to let yourself open up — no matter how much you may want to.

‘My Sweet Mall Girl’ is a delight, and of the highest caliber of embrace.

Bethany, along with bandmates, ver Armand Tandsether, Hannah Veslemøy Narvesen and Eskild Myrvoll brings you this gift for life and its imminence.


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