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MALMØ Shares ‘You’. I Will Remind Myself, Everyday, Of My Fortune, My Love.

Let’s take this little winding road, together through this unseasonably warm winter morning. You and I fell in love in that second year of school. I was head over heels for you – your skin – your nose – your soul, that year. Sparks flew, that first time we met, and I was lost in a haze of happiness, I’d never felt before. We take this winding little road, today, because there was a large chance we could have missed each other in this vastness, called life.

But we didn’t, and we celebrate this moment, our long life together, with this wondrous walk through these woods.

I will never leave you, mind and body.

I will protect you, in heart and soul.

I will remind myself, everyday, of my fortune, my love.


This single is the lead single off of MALMØ’s debut album ‘We Come From The Stars’ (available now).

The Dane, with her band members (Christian Tronhjem, Asger Jakobsen, Jens Mikkel Madsen, Anders Ørbæk, Andreas Skamby, Mathias Jæger) expresses so much with just simple notes, with modern appeal that is easy to access and digest.

“I dream of touching people with my music, reaching their – and my own – inner core. I believe that music can do that, and that there’s a need for art that inspires the good in people. I think we all need that in this world on the edge of self-destruction.”

Next show will be on September 9th @ the Risskov Church (Risskov, Denmark).



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