Malory ‘All Grown Up’ : Returns with her sophomore LP ‘Killer Cut Offs’.


Award winning singer, songwriter and producer Malory returns with her sophomore LP ‘Killer Cut Offs’.

The album follows her widely acclaimed debut LP Cornucopia ‘, which was released in 2019. Since then, a life changing move to Toronto from London has naturally impacted her life in many ways, inspiring her music in a profound way. This period of change also stretches to the creative process, as the eight-track album represents her first fully self produced project (having opted to work alongside producers in the past). Speaking on how proud she is to make music on her own terms, the switch to producing her own music and the challenges female producers face in the industry she explains:

“This album has really been my baby for the past half a year, I’ve gone through some big life changes and grown so much in the process of creating it. I’m so proud of the album, from the freeness of subject matter to the eclectic, weird mix of instrumentation and sounds.”

“Although I’ve always felt confident as a writer, singer and performer, being a female in the industry has meant I’ve always found it difficult to truly believe in my own abilities as a producer/engineer. It’s such a male dominated role that I definitely had a mental block to overcome in order to just say, screw it I can do it myself. The strong women in my life like my sister (also a writer/producer under the name ‘VIBES’) my mother (a total force to be reckoned with) as well as my wonderful partner and team at Extreme all helped to give me the confidence to go for it.”

Malory’s highly sync-able music has garnered numerous TV placements such as Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’, Love Island (USA), BBC One’s ‘Our Girl’ to Dancing With The Stars, The Good Doctor and Made In Chelsea.


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