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Mama Kokomo’s Single ‘Primavera Feel’ Brings That Feel That We Sometimes Put Aside For Another Day.

To the edge of madness, for the longing of you and my own sanity – to be with you, always, near you, longing. Prolonging the last inkling of the touch within the Universe between our index fingers. Instinctively lunge. My heart. Hurting to be hugged. Hurting to be assured. In Mama Kokomo’s new single ‘Primavera Feel’, the careful packaging of one’s shame of ‘being in love’, or confusion ‘of emotional instability’, comes to the fore. Which communicates clearly, that it’s not the way we should live, or exist.

In the haze of the psychedelic presentation of the song, the three piece band, profoundly digs into that few seconds of life, we see, we fall, then we hide – from the one we COULD love.

But the chance is lost.

Hesitation is the roadblock.

Let’s not live this way.

We love dream pop bands, just like Mama Kokomo. Something about the whole philosophy behind this unique segment. Maybe we’re just too emotional sometimes, and that gets our juices going for songs like this, but it’s here and we can’t avoid it.

The band consists of: Krista Michaela, Hank Smith, and Dorvin Borman, and we’re very excited to see them join forces to create this new project.

We’ve got a good feeling on these three, for sure. Can’t wait to hear more from them.



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