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MAMAHAWK Shares ‘Brain Invaderz!’ “Get With It. Listen. Love.”

MAMAHAWK’s ‘Brain Invaderz’ is what you NEED TODAY. You need it because it’ll be the panacea to your day’s stresses. It will alleviate that niggling feeling in the back of your head. It’ll make you have a reaction that is conducive to a bodily reaction to the world around you.

The symptoms from exposure to Mamahawk, the trio firebrands of indie-rock and soul, are as follows:

  • Deepening love for music.
  • Uncontested relish for the ethereal existence.
  • Uncompromising act of ‘grooving’.
  • Controlled hinging and unhinging of appendages on that dance floor.
  • And of course, finally, the ‘smile’ that becomes you – a smile you’d been wanting.

Mamahawk can be deemed a ‘beneficial allergic’ reaction – to your everyday doldrums – whatever they may be.

At least their music can take the edge off.

‘Brain Invaderz’ is smooth, rockin’, and wholly delicious to consume. Combining pop, electro, folk, soul, r&b – the single coalesces beautifully by a 70’s kind of AOR sensibilities.

So, fun.

The band consists of James Reed, Adam Littman, and Brennan Howell. They make music, with no limits to their creativity.

Watch them live. It’s good sh*t, too.



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