Mamalarky ‘How To Say’ : Delight at its effervescent pause and delight.


Sitting down in front of the mirror, after your morning shower, you realize what had happened the day before. A conversation of shine and sheen happened. There were petting, and beautiful gazes into each-other’s eyes, is what happened. You smile, looking up into the aforementioned looking glass, with a smile from grin to grin, and that silent but exuberant sparkle.

Austin band, now Los Angeles thrivin’, Mamalarky is that bubbling goodness, of pure private joys and moments.

Featuring keyboard player Michael Hunter, who is a touring as a member of White Denim and fronted by Livvy Bennet, who logged a stint playing bass for Cherry Glazerr, the band have put out a series of singles over the last year, including their first for Fire Talk “Fury” in January.

‘How To Say’ is a rambunctious and succinct trek of means in emotions. As it traverses, you glean, and delight at its effervescent pause and delight.

Dylan Hill on drums and Noor Khan on bass, complete this intriguing and charming ensemble.


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