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MAMMO – Prison

Alexander Hedares is the story-maker of MAMMO. Of reality and fantasy, both concepts merge in the realm of MAMMO, as his songs garner such attention. And when attention becomes action, the artist and the wielder of truth and justice, revolve and deluge the world in sonic epitaphs. MAMMO’s single ‘Prison’ (off of his EP, ‘In-Between World’) launch missiles of ‘what ifs’ in a world that has been deluded in ‘what ought’. The tragedy of incisive and personal gratification, converge with defending silence and undeterminable biological memes. Alexander hence, searches for answers to the forces of nature, and of the forces of the ‘beyond’ with ample energies and dedication. Alexander’s a visual artist, pinning his hopes and talent onto the audible world, dedicated to painting with only the brushes of imagination and heart. ‘Prison’ is an alt-pop offering that is heavy in psychographic images and doesn’t apologize for the footsteps in the sand he’s made.

GAIJIN – Til Death (feat. Aamowi)

‘Til Death’ is the first single from GAIJIN’s upcoming EP ‘Rose Quartz’. Supported by another sultry vocals of Aamowi, GAIJIN’s single just pops our of the pages of sound, without even trying. From the decadent piano work – gentle and rolling – describes in notes, the melancholic but happily rousing lyrics. The piano notes are tuned to fit in the most beautiful way, as the minimal and stripped down vibe of the song vibrates like a memory un-begotten. A quick lance of the sword of knowledge, peaking at the corner of, there pronouncements, the soulful caress of GAIJIN’s voice helps you forget your qualms for a moment. Los Angeles based, the artist is a virtual definition for what we’d all wanted to become. That person of acknowledgement, of deep inner resurgence, of petulant obfuscation for the obvious but never drowning – we keep on to this guard rail of life, never finding the gem we’d always sought. GAIJIN gets us a bit closer.

Juju Bell – Satellites

Copenhagen based JUJU BELL offers up the sky in ‘Satellites’. A precocious and anxious delight, the single is a drive up within a rocket of journeys, all encapsulated within just one kiss – a hug – a recognition for who and what you can or cannot be. Off of her upcoming EP, ‘Satellites’ is a song of inspiration. It marks the retribution to the Universe, and takes a fresh take on the conflict of the unwarranted weight on the proverbial shoulders. Dark and melancholic, the consumption is the thrust of the song, mellowed by JUJU BELL’s melodic vocals. Of all of the chaos in your life, it can be ironed out. No matter how unassailably harsh the world can be. Seeking, and finding; finding your truth; the loose ends culminating in a tidy bow of honesty – that’s what ‘Satellites’ is, both in tone and substance. It’s a beautiful testament to what will be achieved. Let’s take hark. Look for more from this alt artist throughout the year.

PERK – Get Up

“Baby, how can you turn away!” Yea. What’s up baby?? Let’s try it again! We can do it! PERK is Sweden based pop band consisting of Nalle Ahlstedt and Anders Borgius, and the music duo have written and produced songs for many international stars like Celine Dion, Bella Thorne, Sarah Connor, Clay Aiken, VIXX, Smokie, Sean Smith, Helena Paparizou and many more. That’s a resume and a half, right? Well, that’ why this ‘feel good’ song is such catchy. No residue, no guilt, all for love, and the goodness within our souls, comes waving by with a gorgeous smile for life. Combining 80’s pop-rock and soft-rock, the duo has in ‘Get Up’ tells us to dig deep and look into what’s really important. Sometimes, it’s not the details that matter, but that we, at some point, deserve better for ourselves. Even for a moment. Not forgetting what’s important – family, friends, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend – the parts of life, aren’t really fulfilling without the bigger picture. So, let’s dance!

Max Jury – Modern World

Twenty six year old artist MAX JURY chooses to give it all – all to you – and the love that resides in such a pond of decadence. ‘Modern World’ is an r&b draped pop single that is cast in the brooding singing style of Max’ singing. Words come out of his mouth, one by one, as his sonic fingers touch your naked shoulders, coaxing and reminding you of what can be. Together. Tomorrow. Hand-in-hand. Off of his upcoming June 14th album, Max stated: “The story of my upcoming album, to me, is not necessarily a conceptual one but really one about the music itself. If my first album was an interpretation of the various musical stylings of pop music in the 1960s and 70s, then this record is my interpretation of pop music today. I see this song as kind of the mission statement.” Thorough and brooding in its colors, ‘Modern World’ increases expectations for his new album. Its supple condensation of notes, relegates the un-used premise of our beating emotions, and prods, just a bit, for what really can be achieved in the romance department. It’s surely the ‘Modern World’, within which we belong and should shroud our senses. It’s a world that shouldn’t be missed, now that we can be closer, more intimate, and in love. Let’s traverse, in kind.


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