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Man Of Moon Shares Diabolical Single ‘Ride the Wave’. “..had been, and where it might go from here.”

Edinburgh Scotland based MAN OF MOON is a two barreled laser shot to the abdomen of rock and all that is wholly rapturous. The duo of Chris Bainbridge and Michael Reid met in college in 2014 then formed this band thing and quickly has garnered the the kind of curiosity and interest many want, even in their own love lives.

2015 rolled in and their first single ‘The Road’ stamped their arrival where they were compared by NY Times as akin to New Order. Milestone indeed, and as the waves of accolades rolled in the two went on tour, etc.

2016 then rolled in and they released their first EP ‘Medicine’. And heck, that set off tour dates and even more admiration from peers and fans.

So, here we are in 2019, and after all the sights and sounds the talented duo deservedly accumulated, they set out to add new highlights and edges to their repertoire of sounds. Via a song like ‘Ride The Wave’, the dexterous world-weaving acumen of the band, courses through our listening veins, pulsing then absorbing the alkaline aura of world, apart.

‘Ride The Wave’ is a psyche rock, blended seamlessly along to a top grade seal of approval.

It speaks for itself.

It speaks for where MAN OF MOON had been, and where it might go from here.

2019 will come as an even bigger break out year for the band with a new EP to be released, along with a continued effort in recording their debut album.



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