Mandrake Handshake ‘Hypersonic Super-Asterid’ : Heady mix of coruscating stoner-pop done right.

Mandrake Handshake

Oxford-based psychedelic ensemble Mandrake Handshake serve up a heady mix of coruscating stoner-pop on debut single ‘Hypersonic Super-Asterid’. Thickly layered with sparkling melodies, swirling synths and thundering guitars, the 8-and-a-half-minute epic, it melds the hypnotic prettiness of their 90s heroes with the hard-edged pulse of modern motorik (Squid, W.H. Lung). What they produce is a hopeful music for the dawning decade.

“Hypersonic Super-Asterid (HSSA) represents the culmination of many strands of thought over the process of several months,” said the band. “It is designed to announce the coming of The Mandrake in her all forms and the ascent into her realm as it soundtracks the listener coming to know what will be expected of them for all future sonic explorations. No expense has been spared to bring the listener to the zenith of high fidelity and have them fully understand what otherwise they might only hint at knowing.”

The band is made of talents: Trinity De Simone (vox), Charlie Arrowsmith (Rhythm Guitar), Joe Bourdier (drums), Danny Jefferies (bass), Moogieman (Keyboards), Elvis Thirlwell (Tamboorine, Vibes), Eris Nishku (Organ, Tamboorine), David Howard-Baker (Flute, Sax) Row Janjuah (Lead guitar, Organ)

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