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Mangled Jangles – Kissing the Ground

Crafted with the wit of an eagle, soaring high above the green fields of prevalence – Mangled Jangles’ single ‘Kissing The Ground’ dives into attack you desires and pop-rock secret desires. The guitar driven psyche-tinged goodness is a fabulous addition to the world of music. The Beatles-esque vibe catches you at the strongest, challenging your notions for what your sense of day must be. It must come to a head, as the day turns into night, facilitating the odd fixtures of your senses to dust. Mangled Jangles gives you that vibe, and doesn’t let go until you’d shimmied your way back to earth’s core. Dance you fool, dang it.

Verbrasco – Sun, Sand & Chicken Salt

Following up after their EP, the duo from Verbrasco let’s that summer ice-cream cone of sugary goodness drip with melting residuals of times and memories of good times. It’s turning to the colder months here in the US, but in the other half of the earth’s sphere, Melbourne starts their summer season, and we get jealous. Two university student, with mega ambitions and even more mega talents, produce songs of vibin’ shoegaze inspired bedroom-pop that shimmer your nights away. Don’t let the title of this single fool you. The summer vibes is very important to these two, and millions of Australians. For summer is for lovers, and when love has a small chance of blooming, it seeks out songs like ‘Sun, Sand & Chicken Salt’ to get things started. We want that again too. Listen to Verbrasco. Let the summer air waft over your virtual senses again.

LELO – I’ll Be Fine

‘I’LL BE FINE’ shows LELO exploring a colder and more jagged musical path in a song about feeling both lost and vulnerable in the aftermath of a close relationship. Said singer Ronan Peaker: “I think breaking up with a partner is very similar to mourning – there’s this overwhelming sea of emotion that takes over; anger, bitterness, sadness. But there’s also the fear of facing the unknown without this person – your rock by your side. This song is about me wading nervously through that period, determined to come back just as strong as I was’.” LELO’s breathy softness lays with undulating bedroom-pop, doing its bid to salvage the memories in the folds of life. Love is life. Frustration is life. Return to comfort and contentment, will be your life. Let’s go there with LELO. See LELO next @ Rescue Rooms, Nottingham UK on November 18th.

Keep Breathing, My Angel – I Need You

Keep Breathing, My Angel is the project of Matt Hunter. Evolving as a musician and as a person, he looks deep within himself, to find the best way to holding onto the methods in being honest and dynamic. We’d written about Matt’s work: “With flowing high vocals, Matt’s intentions have been dialed down, to where the transfer of sonic knowledge is easily consumable and accessible to the listener’s ears. The faint but undeniably strong sentiments in his tone that drives this single. And when that happens, all of the un-necessary additions are not missed, for the feelings of personal loss and ultimate salvation is written clearly.” Man of ballads, Matt returns again to that inspiration with his latest ‘I Need You’. Demonstrating his fab folk-vibin’ falsetto vocals, his song rings true with chivalrous tensions and dedication of the heart.

Feeves – She Can Make The Devil Weep

Lifelong friends Esteban Flores and Rolando Solis, armed with a drive to leave their hometown of Carlsbad, New Mexico and a shared obsession with art, relocated to Dallas, TX and formed Feeves in 2017. Nicolas Jackson soon joined the duo and the group began to inspire regional buzz around the area. Feeves has appeared at festivals including SXSW and has supported national touring acts Day Wave, Vertical Horizons, and Knox Hamilton. The Dallas originating band, pops with enthusiasm when in the mode of playing ‘She Can Make The Devil Weep’. Sure we’ve all come across a gal who can be as ‘vicious’ as the ‘devil’. But that’s because, we’re so lackadaisical? Well, it’s all about perspective. You know when we were all small kids, we thought everything was larger than we’d remembered as adults. Maybe just like that, we need to re-appropriate the angle on our judgements on others, eh? Kings Of Leon-esque thrust is what Feeves brings to the table, as their harmonies deal some good vibrations for all. Good deal, we think. Their latest LP ‘She’s The Halo On My Head’ is out now.


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