Mango Cat ‘Hello’ : What it could be like when the right persons collide to create.

Mango Cat

“Also known as Hola in Spanish, ‘Hello’ is a hopeful, optimistic song about celebrating life and knowing that it’s ok to celebrate yourself and the people around you,” said Sean of Mango Cat. “‘Hello’ was the first song we wrote together when they started their collaboration… Bailey had the song on her SoundCloud, and I heard it and was so taken aback by its complexity. Bailey must’ve liked it, cause she agreed to make more music..”

Mango Cat is a Dream Pop/Indie Rock duo consisting of Sean Brutus (of Big Brutus) and Bailey Crone (of Bathe Alone).

The band continues to write in the same format that they started in; just the two of them. Bailey, being a multi-instrumentalist and a lover of all things reverb, provides Beach House inspired glistening guitars, bass, drums, and background vox, while Sean, a heartfelt singer-songwriter and a god at guitar, brings a Wilco inspired intensity to all his guitar riffs and vocals.

Bailey was familiar to us as she’d lovingly showed us on her single ‘The Silence’. Sean is a talent whom certainly compels just like the morning dawn. The duo’s combined efforts in make a song like ‘Hello’ attests to that. It’s something that has to be absorbed. For its significance in contribution to the musical universe, gives sense of what it could be like when the right persons collide to create.

‘Hello’ is a fabulous single.

But as Mango Cat tells us, the fun has just begun, because every 3 weeks, they’ll be releasing a new single off of the upcoming self titled LP.

Dig. Indeed.


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