Máni Orrason Shares Triumphant Single ‘I Swear It’s True’.

Yannic Poepperling

Almost 5 years have passed since Máni Orrason became famous in his native Iceland. His ticket to stardom was in his single ‘Fed All My Days’ then. And his subsequent debut Ep ‘Repeating Patterns’ and follow up EP ‘Wake Me Up’ solidified his presence.

Máni’s style is style and his 2nd album ‘I Woke Up Waiting’ is a continuation of that simple and utter fact of his intensity within his art. The 20 year old it is the perfect pallet for all of the experiences he’s gone through so far. As a young phenomenon, that’s just how life is dealt sometimes.

He just wants to harness the gifts of stories that he could tell.

The single pulls you right into the thick of things as the single included in his upcoming new EP, the newfound love and the beginnings of such contentment “had to turn into a long distance relationship”. The longing for his early part of the relationship, selfish or not, is apparent in the song’s DNA.

And that’s where the fabulousness begins.

Through the eye of his heart, Máni is conflicted with the life changing prospects of such distance. But it is a fair assessment.

Personal and slowly ripping his decisions apart, all of the ceilings of self worth hangs at the balance of private thoughts and indecisions. Fogged with heavy heart, love has to go on, right?

Is it clear cut?

Is there an easier way out?


See him April 28th in London at Islington Assembly Hall. The April 26th show at The Louisiana is sold out.



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